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Love your tip and my tip back is to put ribbon and twine in mini bags and link them together with a quilting ring which is a very large book ring of sorts.

Great tip on the binders. I store my stamps in Iris carts, sorted by theme. I still have some woodies and stamps by many manufacturers, so this works best for me.

Hm... well as for stamp organization I store mine in bins/drawers by occasion. I always hate when I go to make a halloween card and have to go through all my binders/bins to find them all and then decide. Or worse, forget that I had a set and really would have liked to use it.

way to organize!!!
about a year ago my mom bought me a Clip-it up, the base and top piece :) so that is what i use.

Love your stamp binder idea! I'm not that organized and mine are in Iris cart drawers. I try to keep them organized by company. Love the Cupcake Cutie set you're giving as a prize... I'd LOVE to add that to my drawer!:)
Thanks for the chance!

I use circle velcro or square velcro tabs to keep my stamps from slipping out of the page projectors that I use inside my binders like you do. the tabs are self adhesvie to the top centre of each page protector

This is a great way to store them....my go to storage for stamps too! If you don't have a lot of closing room....they do sell a slightly bigger version on line. You can also try a product called Kool Tak....that stuff is my new favorite friend....lol. It's like velcro....but SUPER thin....but holds like crazy. Great for project closures too! No I don't work for them either....lol! Congrats on your pregnanacy!

I store my stamps on acetate sheets in clear folders that are actually cd/dvd holders from Office Depot that I've cut in half. I put a piece of white cardstock in as well to help me see the stamps better :)

I am currently looking into a new method, but right now my stamps are stored in a binder organized by theme. I have kept them in the original actuate sheet with a white piece of paper. I store dollar stamps from Ms in baseball card holders in another binder.
Thanks for the chance!!

Great tips. I unfortunately don't. :(. Just tossed them in a tupperware container I got from Home Depot.

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