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JO! She is so stinking adorable!!

Aww, hope you feel better! She is soo cute! my little ones love crafting with me too. and i love the pumpkin! Do you go threw plastic baggies like crazy too? My kids always want a baggy to put things in

HOW CUTE!!!!! Hope you feel better! Hugs, T

Feel better soon... I admire you because you allow your kids to play with your punches. I let my son use one and he broke it on the first punch. OMG!

so cute! Love the look of concentration :) hope you feel better soon!

Oh my a mini-Jo! She's adorable! Feel better soon!

Aw, that is so cute how M stores her punched shapes in a tiny pumpkin. Please feel better soon!

Feel better NOW! That's an order! :D

Aww, how cute! I remember when I first got my paper punches. Sometimes in the morning, I'd punch a strip of paper before work just because it was soothing!

Adorable!! I craft with my lil Mimi as well. xoxo

Aww, feel better! I totally feel you on that cold/ sick cycle. Good job, M!

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