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I call it collecting (not hoarding) too! LoL! That's too funny about your daughter freaking out! I live in Alabama, temperature in the summer gets 95-99 degrees with a heat index of 110. My niece had a drama queen meltdown once because when we first got in the car it was hot! My son whom is the SAME AGE got in the car and said "mommy hot" and that was the end of it. I'm so glad God blessed me with such a easy going boy! LOL!

Yay for saving for Disneyland! I haven't bought anything in a while except for an order from Clearbags.com (I had that planned for a while though, so I didn't count that as a crafting purchase since I need them to sell my cards and make money). I'm saving for those annual passes! I do hope that in 2015, I can make it to DLR!

Adorable layouts. I'm in the "wanna scrap, but overwhelmed because I'm falling behind" mode. We really need to get together one night.

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