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AWWW..They are so cute! Hopefully the morning will get easier for everyone. Beautiful family!

Cuuuuute pics! Aww, growing up so fast! Hope M gets used to it soon! I'm looking for a pre-school for M too.

How absolutely precious! When I was in kindergarten, I got stomachaches every morning. I never wanted to leave my mom. On one day, the teacher had to yank me away and pull me all the way to the classroom as I cried. So traumatizing! I still hate that memory even to this day! Haha, but I guess it didn't traumatize me to the point where I couldn't go back because I'm STILL in school now teaching!

They are SOOO cute!

Adorable!!! I hope M gets used to things soon.

Such cute pics. It's been awhile since my kids were that age. I had mornings like this too. They get use to it, just takes some time for them to get use to it. They are adorable. I LOVE the last photo, they are beaming from ear to ear:)
Thanks for sharing!
Sherrie K

I LOVE these pictures! Hopefully, M is getting better with the drop offs! She looks so happy in front of the house :)

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