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Hope you get some of the things on your birthday list! My birthday is coming up on Sept 15, and my fiance is asking me what I want. I switch what I want rather often starting a few months before. Initially I said a Bind-it-all. Then I said Sizzix album dies. Then I said the "Just Because" Cricut cartridge. At one point, I even said a good towel to clean my glasses (I mainly only wear my contacts out) because I was so frustrated that they were so smudgy. Haha. Now that it's approaching, I don't even know what I want!

My fiance is exactly like your husband though. He says to get the better machine even if it costs more money because it'll last longer or I may need a function later on. He convinced me to get the Cuttlebug instead of trying to save money with the Sizzix Texture Boutique, and now I'm SO GLAD I HAVE MY CUTTLEBUG! I was like, "I won't need to cut anything; I just want to emboss." Now I have Nestabilities and Papertrey Ink dies AND SIZZIX DIES! He's so unlike my dad who questions everything I get and wants to know its cost!

Well here's wishing you a Super Happy Birthday and hopefully whatever you get is exactly what you needed/wanted.

I hope all of your birthday wishes come true, Jo! And wow, that Accucut GrandMark is a big mamma-jamma of a tool (love that!) I have not seen one before and I am afraid to watch the youtube videos because then I am sure I would really want one, too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend :)


Happy Early Birthday ;) Those all look amazing!! That is one HUGE die cut machine!! hehehe!! I hope your birthday is awesome!!

Awesome birthday list! Look at that die cutter!!! Oh man! I love my Macbook pro, it's only a couple of years old but it's already way outdated! I wish we could lease them and turn them in when a newer better model came out :)

Hope you have a great birthday! I've also been debating over the Grande Mark or the Big Shot Pro, but what I see is this:
- Grande Mark, more initial investment, less replacement part cost (upkeep)
- Big Shot Pro: less initial investment, high replacement part costs.

So.... I'm leaning to the Grande Mark. (tee hee!) You can use the BSPro dies in the Grande Mark, so you aren't "stuck" with their pricey dies. :) You can also use the Grande Mark dies in the BSPro (but NOT the "giant" category. Only up to super jumbo.)

how i wish my hubby thinks like you!

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