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Awe!! Try salt and water, more salt than water. Rub it in circular motion over the area. Next time get those long sheets of drawing paper that they sell at ikea for their kids craft table and lay it over your table. Or be true filipino about it and put that plastic cover on (^_~) u know what I'm talking about...

Whoops!!!!!!! And so the finger pointing starts!! Have you tried that Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean?? How about putting newspapers down or bringing in their own table?

Awww, he is so absolutely ADORABLE!! He is just expressing his craftiness ;)


Hehehe....we have scandals like this in our craftroom everyday! It is always someone else's fault. He is soooo cute though and his little creation is so creative! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has become my BEST friend when it comes to the kiddos in the craftroom :)

What is your table made out of? Nail polish remover might work or rubbing alcohol.

But I would say tape paper to your table. I even do that for just myself, lol...

:( E also blessed the wood trim in our bedroom with some of her own "art" not too long ago! It didn't get all of it (she really pushed deep into the wood!), but Magic Eraser usually works wonders! Good luck!

I vote for water based markers! :)

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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