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That is too cute!!! Love the pic that Jonah made! How cool is that colored macaroni? And that reminds me - I need watercolors! ;)

Sounds like a fabulous store and those fun macaroni noodles make me want to make something :) The kiddos look like they are having fun painting! Their masterpieces look fabulous and I love the Hello Kitty shirt your little M is wearing! I also love those trays! I need to find myself some of those!

Great supplies! I especially love the art trays!

This kids are is very nice and impressive. I like above that kids art and it is very cute. I am so impressed by that.

Good to see you all in the painting and drawing on the paper. However these painting I really get at my childhood. I use to paint the pot and cloths which have great shade. Thanks for sharing.Wonderful post.

i love it!

Genius! I would never have thought about using a tray. I am so swiping that idea. I do have a modified craft table with a giant roll of white craft paper underneath that I cover the top with but the tray looks like a good way to contain the paint.

They both kids looking so cute and innocent. I am so excited see more painting which drawing of they kids.

Hey very cute kids. Looks so innocent. And they are making drawing> it looks so much beautiful.

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