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That's so funny. I didn't even notice the paper was upside down because you did such an amazing job with the coloring on the owl. LOL!! Funny though. I LOVE the colors on the bday card. The whole card just screams HAPPY to me.

LOL! i would just say it was meant to be. Love them both

Actually that owl looks cute with the paper upside down...love it! And your birthday card is so fun and cheerful...gotta use that set still! Hope you get some rest Jo!

the upside down pp works perfectly with the cute owl! It's so fun and colorful! Wonderful cards!

I think the fact that it is upside down is fantastic! Maybe you can use that idea more often. It provided great contrast to the owl. You know what? It would be even better with a possum or a bat since they hang upside down anyway (as well as some butterflies). So don't worry! It's still darling.

GREAT cards...I especially love your sassy owl!

These cards are awesome!! Love those bright colors!!

Love that owl. And the balloon stamp is toooo cute. Super nice cards

Great cards love the bright colors and that owl is cute

I think the sentiment goes perfectly with the upside-down paper! It's just serendipity! :-)

Such cute cards!

Too funny! I can see myself doing the same thing with DP. I never would have noticed!! Great card.

Turn the card upside down. Don't owls sleep that way...wait... no, bats do...never mind... lol

Adorable cards!!! I didn't notice about the paper until you mentioned it LOL! Don't worry, I've done it too! Have a wonderful day!

Too cute, and that paper is soooo cute, I never even noticed it was upside down!! Great job with both cards this week.

These are both so cute Jo!! I love that paper with the owl, it's perfect!!

Haha! I think the upside-down PP is cute! And so is that owl!

Jo, these are darling! Really really cute! I have to tell you that I love your profile picture! I swear it looks like you're driving down the road and spot a scrapbook store-oooooo! Love it!!

Hahahaha! That was the first thing I noticed!!! Poor thing! Try to get more rest! Love both cards and can't wait to see your LO!


your cards are just as cute as can be!! LOVE them!!

Sorry to hear about you little guy- hope he feels better soon. Even with the paper upside down- it's adorable!!

Cute cards! Thanks for sharing!

So super cute!! I love the purple wings on the owl card!

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