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ok, #3 is true for me too. i also want #4 for me and G. but i think #5 would be you guys. i think G and i may be faster but then we'd fight, hahaha!

ever tried mochi for #6? heaven!

if you wanna practice for # 8, you can borrow ours anytime.

ditto on #10. #14 i'm intrigued by camping as well. why not pick a really nice tent..with bathrooms near by?

ok, i'm tired now :).

kp did something similar on her blog post today. did you know that? love her ramblings and yours.

#1 midmorning person..that works =)
#2 i love red too, but i dont think red loves me =( But yes i love green from my projects too, maybe co'z it feels so calming to the eyes.
#3 I'm sad my fave reality shows are coming to an end...but they cancelled heroes and what else is really on?
#4 i thought of me and hubby joining Amazing Race too
#5 i dont think we'd win, maybe finish 5th or something hahah
#6 Yogurtland is one of the better ones, but here in LA there's so many different ones already
#7 I'm actually craving calamares from Max's restaurant LOL
#8 mini van...hmmnnn...I'm still in denial I have to probably drive one soon...hahah
#9 i'm scared to have to clean a house ..HA
#10 mY craft stuff are actually in our craft area... and #11 patiently organized (as much as he can) by DH
#12 Same here, but instead of watching tv, i end up falling asleep...
#13 pimples arent fun!
#14 i refuse to go camping if I don't have running water in my own cabin...hahaha
#15 i think you're doing an awesome job with your ramblings!
#16 dont you love it when you find people that are kindred spirits?
#17 i'm delaying getting an iphone. but maybe i'll download it at DH's...hahah
#18 wish i read more...blogs and magazines count right?
#19 OMG, I was thinking of starting to read mysteries....that series you're reading, i think someone told me about it, and they are mysteries right?
#20 it's been almost 1 month since my last shoe purchase...i think i'm going thru withdrawals....lol
#21 save money? whats that? hahah

LOVE this post! Have an awesome weekend!

I think it'd be awesome if you guys went on Amazing Race. I've always wanted to do Family Feud, lol. You just need to craft while watching your shows. :)

I agree with Sparkle! You should craft while you watch your shows. I tend to just color while I'm watching, mostly during commercial breaks. And we are TOTALLY separated at birth. Just to prove it to you, I spent $28 on stamp stuff today after saying no more last night. Teehee!

Also, did you see the Card Patterns sketch for this week? (http://cardpatterns.blogspot.com/2010/04/sketch-61.html) It's like they were listening to our convo!! Them AND GetSketchy. I think we are trend setters!

Wait, that was the wrong link. http://cardpatterns.blogspot.com/2010/05/sketch-64.html

Holy crap! Obviously it's been a long day. THIS is the correct link: http://cardpatterns.blogspot.com/2010/05/sketch-65.html

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