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Ahh, the Ali Edwards' 365 days. Saw Paper-cat Cathy doing this too. Great 1st l.o. I wanted to do this but just w/pics and captions on fb and/or blog. But missed a couple of days. I wish you luck and welcome back!

What a great LO! I really tried this week by week scrap last year and failed miserable! Best of luck to you! Love your piccy's

Great page! I too am gonna try this this year!! I forgot to take a pic the other day though :( Hate that! Hope I finish it as well! Aloha!

BTW, have you tried using our discount code? I tried today and it doesn't seem to be working.

Miss you Jo Boogie, beautiful babies!

Fantastic Idea; I too hope you will be able to keep up with this project. It is an excellent idea and a huge undertaking but so worth the while when if is finished and you can sit down and look back through the year. You will be so happy, it will bring many tears or joy and you will be so very proud of you. Best of Luch I do know that this will take alot of work and dedication.

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