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we have very similar goals for 2010. I want to reduce all the unnecessary stuff in my life and my husband really wants to reduce the waste of food we buy and do not use and cook more meals at home. So far so good.

She is just darling! I still need this Anya.

This is so cute! I love your Anya cards, more of them should come live at my house! I have one from you on my wall. :)

You crack me up! I'm the same way! I would love to have the time to spend an extra 5 mins fixing myself up but I'm always in such a hurry! Anyhow, love the card, I need to use my Karate Anya and Ian! I also need to start using my scraps!

Woot wooo!!!!!!!!

Now go visit my blog because it's missed you too! :)

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