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thanks for the award. Your blog is kicking and I try to make it over often but you are quicker than I am. LOL.BTW, I hate laundry too...

I don't like laundry either! CUTE card though, even if there's laundry in it. ;) I'll try to get around to the tag, we're sick so it's rough and I'm so tired all the time.

I tell ya, this is one of my favorite images, and you've done her proud! I love the sentiment... lots of times when we are thinking about and praying for someone, it's because we're sad or worried for them.

Laundy...laundry...laundry! Well, I hear ya girl. It's so true, huh? It's not so much in the actual doing of the laundry, it's the folding and putting away. I don't mind so much the folding, but the putting away---I really don't know what's up with that! But very adorable card! =)

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