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That's a shame for you...but I'm glad you'll be continuing to share your TGF and every other company designs with us. I only discovered your blog last week but it's one of my favourites already. tbh I think SU! are doing themselves a disservice. I was keen to become a demo when they arrived in my country but their OTT stringent rules and ridiculous over pricing e.g. $70 for a punch which I can buy the same brand at my LSS for $24 - has frustrated me no end.

And as a business model it makes no sense, particularly in these grim economic times. No one company can be all things to all people and while I see some of the reasons behind their decisions it is an incredibly narrow minded approach. I was actually introduced to SU! through reading the blog of someone who was on a design team for another company.

And to my cynical eyes it also makes them appear a tad insecure - as if their products won't stack up agains the competition. Sorry for the rant!

why are they so strict anyway? boo on them? how about hero arts? -- i saw some cute stamps i wanted to buy, ha ha!! xoxo

I was wondering what you were going to do. I agree with your decision, it what I would do if I was still a demo. I don't need anyone telling me who to link to or what DTs I can't be on. Honestly, I think that you'll be picked up by a DT really soon, you're very talented. No need to limit yourself to one company.

sorry to hear bout the SU! news....you do great work, regardless of which stamps you use! keep it up...we all love seeing your very adorable cards. =)

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