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Cute! As for postage, I've heard the same thing re: costing more to send... but I've never gone to the post office to check for sure!

I luv the lay-out of this card. It's funny because I have an easier time making 6x6 cards than the rectangle ones. But I'm working on that :). Yeah, I never got any of my cards mailed back to me because the postage wasn't enough. I'd like to think it's because they see how cute they are & the hard work I put in them :) (clear envelopes).

Awww! This stamp and card is so cute! I really love square cards! Re: the postage, it does cost extra to mail square cards (for some reason 16 cents is running through my head, but who knows how much more it costs now with all the rate hikes!) :)

I love this card. It's so whimsical and the colors are right up my alley. Not sure on the postage thing...

Your cards are awesome! :)

Postage is more expensive with square mail than reg sized mail. We had to think about that when we mailed off our wedding invites 5 years ago. :P Would have been quite expensive.

This is darling and I've also heard that square cards cost more to send.

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