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Cool that u haven't missed a day yet! When u mentioned you can schedule posts, I did it with mine. But blogger must have a glitch cuz it doesn't work everytime for me :(. I signed up for typepad today. Let's see if I can squeeze in managing a new but better blog.

Pink and green are cool (plus orange :)). But remember how that deep red brought out your dark long hair and big eyes! How about u do a pink and green motif for your 5 yr anniversary this year? :)

This is so cute Jo! And I'm looking forward to seeing all your cards! You are awesome!

I agree about the pink and green is very whimsical. I'm impressed and rather jealous that you can do this. I too have tried to pre schedule but it doesn't work out to well. I'm going to definitely think hard about switching but the work really scares me. Are you thinking about my suggestion?

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