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Your card is just darling! It's pouring here, so I could use a few umbrellas. Now that song is stuck in my head, lol.

This is so cute! I love it! I will try to do this tag. I'm so flippin busy! How do you have time to work?!?

Super adorable- love the "hills" and good job on the coloring! Yes, I think CB's career is ruined but in some ways, Rhianna's is too. The cycle of abuse is too sad-- I think her self esteem was probably shot and that was why she took him back. Love your answer to #4!

LOL... Thanks for getting my off the hook. I did one the other day so I'm good on the surveys for awhile but I do love reading them.

Sweet girl, thanks for the tag! I'm so sorry I haven't been around sooner. Time is racing by on me and I'm truly getting frustrated! But I'm now off work for a whole week, so hopefully I'll get caught up... just in time for the hectic holiday season! LOL

I've been looking through all your last several posts and loving what I've seen! You are so talented Jo. I love your sweet spirit and your amazing cards and layouts. Yowser, Marie was so RIGHT to pick you for the digi design team. I LOVE your layouts.

I hope you are all well now, and that you can find another spot to craft in...or draw a line down the center of the room and let your daughter have half and you have the other! LOL

Hugs, dear friend. Hopefully my next visit won't be so long.


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